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Hey, you're right. This is another one of those rating communities. But there is no mod because all two of them (uh oh) have back down SINCE this community sucks so much. Deuce.

[001] Name:
[002] Age:
[003] Gender:
[004] Sexuality:
[005] Location:

[006] Food:
[007] Movie(s):
[008] Genre of Music:
[009] Bands:
[010] Books:

[011] Abortion:
[012] Gay Marriages:
[013] War and Terrorism:
[014] Labels:

[015] Who will you promote us to?
[016] Inspirations?
[017] How many times have you fallen in love?
[018] In theory, everyone has a story that will make you cry. Do you?

Give me at least three CLEAR pictures of yourself. Also, one 100X100 photo for here. Also, no nudity. A little skin is OK. As long as your 'private parts' are covered up. :D

Delete the stars!
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http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v207/HeyHeyBeautiful/CD4C2.jpg" alt="title or description" */>
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