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[001] Name: kat
[002] Age: 16
[003] Gender: female
[004] Sexuality: straight
[005] Location: westchester county, ny

[006] Food: mached potatoes, fruit, mint chocolate ice cream, smoothies, pirates booty
[007] Movie(s): kill bill, virgin suicides, girl interuptted, office space, finding nemo, america's sweethearts, the night at t he roxbury, and many more,lol
[008] Genre of Music: alternative, r&b, everything but county and heavy heavy metal
[009] Bands: dmb, cursive, rhcp, linkin park, tori amos, hte darkness,
[010] Books: echo, speak, that was then, this is now, black like me, a child called it, smack

[011] Abortion: i think its a horrible thing adn shouldn't be taken lightly. its fine if the girl was raped.
[012] Gay Marriages: i am for it, people can't help who they love.
[013] War and Terrorism: i wish that things could be handled better, war could be avoided if we were more prepared, its just sad to see innocent people be killed.
[014] Labels: i think its unfair to label someone, especially if you only know their outside

[015] Who will you promote us to? my lj friends
[016] Inspirations? my sister
[017] How many times have you fallen in love? none.
[018] In theory, everyone has a story that will make you cry. Do you? well, ive cried many times over my brother and what he has caused my family go through. i will give you a brief description.. my brother is adopted and his mother was on all sorts of drugs during her pregnancy, my brother was left with many defects, and an addiction to drugs, he was an easy target nad of course became addicted to drugs, i never got to live with him he was always put away, and unfortunately when he got vetter (or so they sya ) he decided to go back to drugs nad sell everything, and chose drugs over our family, its too bad bc its not even all his fault that he likes drugs..i don't know it jsut really sucks to see my parents deal wiht it nad see someone turn into something else. i miss him, hes been in jail for 6 months nad my father wont let me talk to him or see him..ever sucks..


my 100x100 is the icon i have now.
xo kat
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lj cut sweetie, then i will rate you
lj cut
okay, there ya go!

xo kat
link pictures suck.
how do you get them to show up w/ a link?

xo kat
+++++ Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
+++ Girl, interrupted.
And yeah. Thats it. :)
+++New York
yes and im sorry to hear about your brother
No. Im really sorry
yes, but your spelling was horrific. Your abortion answer, I'm sick of hearing people say its completely wrong...unless it was rape, regardless of whatever it was woman's body, woman's baby = woman's choice. excuse me for expressing my views on your entry in particular, but yes. lol
*No! :D*
-spelling that bothered me a lott
but sure why not
<3 Jamie