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Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while..I went to The Drink Nightclub last night so I have a couple pictures of me before I left..but remember webcam shots suck lol...and some recent webcam shots thanks :)

lmao...this is my "What Bitch?!"'s not very flattering but it makes me laugh so I'll post it. :P

Whoo...shiney earrings. :D

Yay! for fake camera smiles! :D

Whats that? You wanna see half my face? Well..if you insist.

And the day before...The camera went off before I could strike a pose and a fake smile.

Oh, but I was ready for this one.

And this one.

Sorry to be a camera hope you enjoyed my webcam shots :P I wish I had a digital camera so you could see pictures from The Drink Nightclub It's so awesome inside...theirs cages you can dance in and fog and a disco ball and lazer lights and kick ass music...:D Thank god for all ages nights eh :P

And thats the end of my post.

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