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geeslouise im secksie

 [001] Name: Liz
[002] Age: 16
[003] Gender: Female
[004] Sexuality: Straight
[005] Location: Titusville, Florida

[006] Food: Spagetti
[007] Movie(s): Secret Window, Moulin Rouge and American Pie
[008] Genre of Music: rock
[009] Bands: Blink 182, Death Cab for Cutie and Bright eyes
[010] Books: Any kind of book. I love to read. Im a nerd when it comes to books.

[011] Abortion: Where to start on this....i dont mean to ofeend anybody. If you weren't smart enough to use protection and you get pregnant it is your fault and you should have the baby,  you can put it up for adoption or keep it. But if you get raped i have a totally different outlook.
[012] Gay Marriages: I am all for it. I believe that if two people are truely in love they have every right to get married.
[013] War and Terrorism: I cannot put in words how much i dislike terrorism. How can people get pleasure out of killing so many innocent people?. War I dont feel to strong about either.
[014] Labels: Labeling is somewhat immature and rude. The things you wear and the way you act are just ways of showing your individuality and  true self.

[015] Who will you promote us to? everyone and anyone i possibly can.!
[016] Inspirations? My mom.
[017] How many times have you fallen in love? Once...
[018] In theory, everyone has a story that will make you cry. Do you? Me and this girl were best friends in elementry school. She was in a couple grades lower then me. So I eventually graduated and had to go to Middle school. So we kinda gradually stopped talking and everything. Well im in high school now and one morning I woke up and was watching the news only to read that she had been murdered the night before..

Give me at least three CLEAR pictures of yourself. Also, one 100X100 photo for here. Also, no nudity. A little skin is OK. As long as your 'private parts' are covered up. :D

 I got this as close to 100x100 as I could. Im not real good with the photo shop thing. Sorry.

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